December 1, 2013

blogger - The Future

It was a very interesting read a recent summary I read of the Beneteau Group press conference held in Cannes past September, with the comments coming from President Bruno Cathelinas.  Just to give an account who is Beneteau Group, they are currently the largest boat builder in the World, and its motor boat portfolio offer features companies; Beneteau, Jeanneau, Prestige, and Monte Carlo.  For 2012 Beneteau Group has totaled sales of 831 million EUROS confirming itself as the largest boat builder. 
In this conference the Beneteau President was very clear in his statement that sales levels of 2008 with boat sold accounting to twelve billion EUROS will never return.  In 2013 World wide boat sales will be for under 50% to that number and short of six billion.  In the Beneteau Group estimates global boat sales target should reach a new high of nine billion EUROS in 2020 which is still 25% less to the 2008 record.
Another interesting statement from the Beneteau Group president which might contradict a few people, was also his opinion about the emerging East markets and countries as Brazil, China, India, and Russia share to growth, with a prediction that this should still be a small niche for the foreseeable future. In Beneteau's analysis the old boat markets of Europe or North America will still be the ones that pump boat sales and the share of the Western World and the two classic boat continents will only decrease by thirteen points; from 87 in 2008 to a predicted 74% in 2020.  Beneteau Group seems also very pumped in its US growth and is predicting a close to double digit growth in seven years time for its sales in the Western side of the Atlantic ocean.   
Currently the US market seems to be having a more mature growth, present and for the future, and its pretty easy to see the reason, where in North America buying a boat equals for a car in the states that have the sea or great lakes adjacent to them.  Also much cheaper fuel costs in the US do help boating being more affordable and enjoyable to the average Joe. A mentality which in recent years seems always escaping in Europe, with fuels having all kind of taxes on them, and prime location marinas just thinking super or mega yachts.  

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