December 29, 2013

Web: Riva New Web Site

Riva presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  An iconic brand since the early part of the twentieth century Riva started operating in 1842.  But it was a sudden storm which in reality started the brand when Pietro Riva at the time a young ship builder moved to Sarnico to repair boats after this hit the area.  This eventually gave Pietro the trust of the locals and his relocation from Como to Sarnico, and the start of the Riva brand.  The son of Pietro, Ernesto continued where his father left, and with an innovative spirit also started building cargo and passenger ships with an internal combustion engine.  After World War One, Serafino the son of Ernesto takes the helm of the company and gives Riva the final twist when he moves production away from commercial and started building leisure powerboats.  At the time 1920 and thirties, Riva also competed with its boats collecting a large numbers of victories and records to its name. Just after World War Two in 1950 Carlo Riva, a man driven by great passion since his childhood for the sea and fast performing boats takes the helm of the company.  It was a time of renaissance for Europe and Italy and Carlo created the status symbol wooden sport boat first with the Ariston, followed by the Tritone the first two engines of the series, Sebino which had a full production run, Florida which evoked the famous North American East Coast boating area, to arrive to the still status symbol Aquarama launched in 1962 and produced till 1996 and delivered in 784 hulls. In 1956 Riva also started collaboration with designer Giorgio Barilani who then becomes exclusive and later on design manager from 1970 till 1996 of the company.  In 1969 another important step happened at Riva when it started it first fiberglass produced models with the 20 Bahia Mar and 25 Sport Fisherman both models licensed from the famous Bertram but modified with the Riva element of design and finishing. Other iconic models will follow in the seventies; from the small Rudy of 5.87 meters which is as at today best fiberglass seller with 364 units sold, to the St. Tropez a fast open sport cruiser of nine meters second of the best sold glass builds with 317 units, and the Superamerica which started as a 42 model and evolved over time to a 45, 48, 50, 50 Special, and 50 High Performance. A total of 251 Superamerica's will be built from 1973 to 1993 making it the third best sold fiberglass Riva.  Another unique model was the Riva 2000 designed by Italian sixties and seventies performance hull guru Renato Sonny Levi launched in 1975 and built till 1982 and sold in 54 units.  Riva had also a couple ownership change with US fiberglass producer giant Whiitakar taking helm in 1969, Vickers in 1988, and Ferretti Group in 2000 which still as at today owns the brand.  Another important step happens at Riva in 1991 when Mauro Micheli starts to design the boats with his first being the 58 Bahamas presenting the evolving new route. Micheli has since then designed all the Rivas. Currently Riva builds twelve models which start with the 27 feet Iseo, and the currently in construction alloy build 122 Mythos.  Riva new web site is available in English, Italian, and Chinese language and takes you around with the following buttons; Riva, Models, Pre-Owned, News and Events, Dealer and Service Network, and My Riva.  Riva also features its social media hubs; Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Tweeter, and Linkedin with a link and the bottom right of the page.

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