August 15, 2012

Project: Bayliss 77 B18

Having currently an 80, and 84 in building stages Bayliss shortens a bit its length downwards and presents a project for a 77 feet which just recently started construction. Designed by Bayliss designer Robert Ullberg, this new custom sportfish will feature a four double cabins, three heads interior.  A centre console flybridge, and a must have mezzanine to aft are also traits of this new build.  Outside is also a curved reverse shear line which pays high duty to the Caroline heritage of the builder.  Build in cold molded, jig method B18 will be named Clean Sweep, coming from the previous Bayliss B8 owner who upgrades by nine feet.  Power will be from twin 2600hp MTU, with estimates of a max speed of 44 knots being on the cards. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post and including all the specs of the boat. From the post, it sounds like the improvements will make the new one much better than its previous counterparts. There have been so many new innovations around sailing boats and yachts that they can only keep getting better and better.