August 20, 2012

Engine: MAN V12 1650hp

MAN  presented its new  V12-1650hp marine engine for yachts and pleasure craft in the 50 to 100-foot class. With its 12 cylinders and 1,650hp or 1213kW it closes the gap in the upper power segment between the V12 rated at 1550hp and the top-rated 12-cylinder unit with 1800hp. At only 2400 kg the low weight of the V12-1650 ensures an excellent weight-to-power ratio of 1.45 kg per hp and thus maximum efficiency in marine operation. The V12-1650 is the ideal engine for yacht owners who are looking to cruise in comfort and above all to cover longer distances overnight. The reason for this is its maximum torque of 5,520 Nm, which is available at speeds even as low as 1,200 rpm. MAN yacht engines are also well known for their compact dimensions and thus give architects and boat-builders a good deal of room for manoeuvre. The V12-1650 merges well into the array of space-saving engines and features convincingly compact dimensions of 1,667 x 1,150 x 1,350 mm (length x width x height). MAN's engineers have achieved this by, among other things, using a weight and space-saving SAE1 flywheel housing. One advantage for installation of the engine at the boat-builders is the exhaust system, which has one central outlet. The water pump is driven by a gear instead of a V-belt, which considerably reduces the maintenance effort. Beside this all parts requiring servicing, such as fuel and oil filters, are so efficiently positioned in the V12-1650 that they are easily accessible from the centre gangway.

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