August 4, 2012

Web: Aqualum New Web Site

Aqualum from Argentina presents its new virtual World wide showroom.  Located in Tigre, Buenos Aires province, Aqualum has been one of the successes coming out of South America.  The company in the past decade has had a good success with its 35, and 46 models.  Now the company has a line of new projects coming, made to expand and complete its range.  Aqualum current line up features four models from 35 to the still in project 55.  Its latest model is the 38 designed by Fabian Conte.  Aqualum new web site is available in Spanish and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; About Us, Aqualum 35, Aqualum 38, Aqualum 46, Aqualum 55, A Mix of Pleasures, and Aqualum Network.   

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