August 11, 2012

Web: Camuffo New Web Site

Finally, Camuffo from Venice Italy considered as the oldest boat builder in the World has its website.  The Camuffo generation of shipbuilders started in 1438 in the island of Crete in the East part of Mediterranean sea basin.  Here, El Ram Mufti Camuffi was shipwright on the Serenissima, a job followed by his son Pier Antonio in 1451. Two years later, in 1453 at the fall of Constantinople Pier Antonio will move in the North East of Italy in Chioggia.  The current descendant of the family Camuffo, now in its eighteenth generation Marco was born in 1932.  Marco with his father Luigi will start the evolution of the current Camuffo, dedicated to fast and efficient deep Vee cruisers and yachts.  Camuffo are built in wood, with the Lamellar, method.  This building system which started in Italy is a traditional method of putting different pieces of wood together to reach the desired thickness, glued with special Eco-resins which has no reverse effect and has also anti worm properties.  Camuffo currently offers three motor yacht models from the C55 Flying bridge, C60, and C65. Camuffo new web site is available only in Italian language, and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Azienda (Company), Il Legno (The Wood), Tradizione (Tradition), and Modelli (Models).  Lets hope for a full English version very soon.      


  1. Site seems to contain a virus according to avast antivirus. : Infection Details
    Process: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\f...
    Infection: JS:Iframe-LB [Trj]

  2. Just checked and it looks good for me. I have Avast too.