July 30, 2011

Hinckley New Web Site

Hinckley located at the Southwest Harbor, Maine USA is considered a legend among the boat builders, and now this famous name presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Founded in 1928 by the family Hinckley, the company while being mostly appreciated for its classic lines was also among the first in building fiberglass boats, putting a rolling furling main sail, and hot and cold water system on a sailboat in 1948.  Hinckley is also a pioneer and today its boats are built what is patented and called the Dual Core system, which is fiberglass composite building technique with Kevlar on the outer skin, and Carbon fiber used in the inside shell.  In 1996 apart signalling a return to power boat building Hinckley was again an innovator when it launched it Jetboats range designed by Bruce King who redefined the Down East lobster boats, with its jet drive propulsion and the patented JetStick.  Today Hinckley offers two range of boats the power Jetboats, and Sailboats which offer a total of eighteen models.  The small entry level model is the T29C in the Jetboats range, and the largest Hinckley is the 70 Sou'wester of the Sailboats range.  Recent upcoming models in the power range is the T48 Mk.II MY and FB models.  Hinckley new web site takes you around with the following buttons; The Hinckley Experience, Jetboats, Sailboats, Service, and Contacts.
Production History;
Picnic Boat 36 1994-2000 (450+) includes 36EP/Mk.II
Talaria 44 Ex 1999-2008
Picnic Boat 36 EP/Mk.II 2001-08 (450+) includes original 36
Talaria 40 2002-09
Talaria 44 Flybridge 2002-11
T29C 2002-14
T29R 2003-13
Talaria 55 2005-11
Picnic Boat 36 Mk.III 2010-19
Talaria 48 2010-12
Talaria 44 Mk.II 2010-13
Talaria 55 Mk.II 2011-21
Talaria 34 2012-17
Talaria 48 Mk.II 2013-
Talaria 43 2014-
Talaria 48R 2015-
Sport Boat 40C 2018-
Sport Boat 40X 2019-
Picnic Boat 40 2019-
Picnic Boat 37 S 2020-
35 2021-
Talaria 57 2022-

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