July 1, 2011

blogger - Powerboat Endurance

The 2011 Powerboat Endurance started off early the past June month.  With a new promoter to the championship Ocean Grand Prix taking over from UIM emergency power it took last year the first round of the 2011 season had a very slow start to what normally is with a total of seven boats and competitors (three in Super Sport and four in Evolution) taking part.  Missing are also important teams as the current Evolution champion Metamarine, and 2009 and 2006 winner OSG.  Both of these teams have been a fixed fixture and great supporters of the championship since 2004.
I have followed the Powerboat Endurance Series since it started in 2002, then it become Powerboat P1 in 2003 till 2009 and this made a set up for great things with the championship becoming better each year.  Surely the bench mark was in 2008 when we had 25 total competitors, twelve in each the two classes.  That is minus the wild cards which some time compete in singular rounds. Can the current promoter reach again this bench mark.  Only time will tell!  The promotion on the website looks good, what we are missing so far is the competitors, but the new Maltese promoter did advise that three more competitors should make it for the next round in August. 
This will be the first year of the now called Ocean Grand Prix how the things will go from now onwards will surely be the gauge for the teams to support or neglect the championship in the future.  The series definitely has a lot of potential, and it would be nice as we have seen in the last couple of years to see some support from the builders and engine manufacturers to the series.  But that will come on the awareness that Ocean Grand Prix will be capable to bring to the championship.  

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