July 17, 2011

Projects: Benetti Sail Division 115 RS Mediterranean Style, Benetti Sail Division 122

Benetti Sail Division continues with the presentation of its new projects, which apart the round stern models features some innovative designs like the Logica, and World Traveler series.  A fresh wind seems blowing in the company with sixteen new projects shown in the web site.  The two last projects are what Benetti Sail Division calls the Special Edition and features two yachts the above Mediterranean Style 115 RS, and 122.  The 115 RS Mediterranean Style is a redesign of the upper structure of the top second deck with his being also a bit larger.  The standard plan for examples puts the owners state room on the top deck here having the plan of an apartment, with the VIP suite located on the main deck. Two other guest cabins are located to aft.  The crew area with lobby saloon and galley is located to fore.  To midships is also a tender garage with space for three water craft; a tender and two jet bikes.  Power is from twin 1000hp MAN which should give a 13 knots max, and a 10 knots economic cruise giving 4800 nautical miles of range.
The Benetti Sail Division 122 project would have looked very revolutionary a few years ago in the line of the Viareggio, Italian boat builder but if you consider the new Logica and World Traveller lines today it looks a standard contemporary design.  The 122 is a modern actual looking super yacht with three decks.  A ten berths in five double cabins interior is offered with the owners stateroom located on the main deck.  The VIP suite is located unusually to aft.  Power is from twin 1319hp Cat engines which should give a top speed of 14 knots and a cruise of 13.

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