July 12, 2011

Project: Aquastar 60 Classic Star

Aquastar presents a new project called 60 Classic Star with traditional yacht looks coming from the pilot boats.  The Aquastar 60 Classic Star will offer a fully customisable layout, although they still show no pictures of the plans and wether below it will be a twin or three cabins choice.  Surely the 60 Classic Stat will have a choice of a Day Saloon, or Aft Cockpit available for the main deck.  I think this will mean whether you opt to go with a patio door or a fully open aft main deck.  Aquastar says the hull of the 60 is fully derived from working pilot boats, with a tweak for added performance and a dry ride. Diverse propulsion choices are also part of the 60 Classic Star from twin jet drives with minimum draft, to triple IPS pods choices, or traditional line shafts.  In any case with the largest and most efficient option Aquastar says a top speed of 38 knots is to be expected.

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