April 25, 2011

Project: Atlantic 18 m Sea Hawk

Atlantic Motor Yachts from Holland present this fast sport yacht project which goes away from what its usual line up from 42 up to 56 feet aft cabin cruisers and yachts offer.  The renderings show a totally different Atlantic from the sports hard top line, to the high technological construction method, and the axe bow. The 18 m Sea Hawk was designed by Richard Sauter from Sauter Carbon Offset Design and this is a high performance zero carbon  sport yacht with a top speed of 50 knots.  For Atlantic Motoryachts, the Sea Hawk is a yacht that enables them to start developing a new range with the latest technical requirements of modern future yacht building methods. For many years the dutch Atlantic has constructed a range of classical fibre glass builds, but this new project is a challenge which with the help of designer Richard Sauter and latest technologies features an innovative solar hybrid power which achieves a very high percentage fuel reduction.  The Atlantic Sea Hawk combines a plug-in Sunpower solar array with an Allison Hybrid system to produce the cleanest marine propulsion system in the world.  Alison Transmission, is a unit of General Motors, in partnership with the U. S. Department of Energy, developed this hybrid system under the DOE's Advanced Heavy Hybrid Propulsion System Program.  The Atlantic 18 m Sea Hawk, apart its innovative propulsion system will also feature a two cabin interior plus a crew cabin located to mid ship.  The living of the 18 m Sea Hawk is to be located on the main deck.

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