April 1, 2011

blogger - Fourth Year

As we pass March 2011 PowerYacht celebrates its fourth year in running. The last four years have been challenging and changing ones for the yachting industry. PowerYacht has also evolved and expanded, from the first articles which appeared we have increased an easier interface, and more labels to use which looks more like a virtual magazine, with your needs coming with a click.
Today PowerYacht also offers articles aimed to help you see a global yachting market and increase your purchasing power when choosing the boat of your dreams. Our articles numbers also speak for themselves at the research involved with PowerYacht. Over five hundred Projects, six hundred plus New Models, one hundred plus Web and Exclusive, 99 of Improve-it articles, and thirty plus of Boat Reviews. Today subject to the demand we also increased our posting and from having a single post a day in the first year, when its busy we also present up to four articles daily. This usually happening the fall of each year, when new models are being presented in a more aggressive manner.
Last and most important is to thank you the reader and visitor of the last four years who came on PowerYacht which today count over thirty thousands of clicks each month. Thanks to you PowerYacht is working to present more surprises in the future, aimed to make your visit more enjoyable.

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