April 27, 2011

Project: Levi 9.10m Corsair Sport

After presenting its first model the Corsair more or less about three years ago, the North Italy Venice located Levi Boat Company moves on to its next project which is the Corsair Sport project.  This new model from Levi Boat is based on the same very famous Renato Sonny Levi designed deep Vee Delta shape hull, as used on the more cabin orientated standard Corsair model.  As has been shown in the standard Corsair a quality detail and high technology construction is to be found also in this Sport version.  Being very much a center console the Corsair Sport continues the innovation as found in a recent US built similar sized project, offering also a center cabin.  The Corsair Sport can indeed sleep two in a cabin located under the center console which features an entrance on the forward part.  A head under one of the two settees in the cabin is also to be found.  Power is a wide variety of choices from 340 up to 630hp engines, with a top speed target of up to fifty knots with the largest engine choices.  

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