June 19, 2010

Web: Hunton New Web Site

British Hunton Powerboats presents its new virtual showroom following its ownership change by Arkle Partners LLP as January of this year. Hunton Powerboats was founded by Jeff Hunton in 1979 trough passion and dedication on the race course. A boat enthusiast Jeff Hunton started his work experience as an engineering apprentice, and moved on to head of systems and design with Hi-Flex International in the 1960s. In 1975 he enters boat racing, and in his first full season he becomes UK Offshore Boating Association Champion in Class II with a Levi designed hull, which he stripped, re-decked, and completely refitted himself. With this success comes confidence and following this in 1979 Jeff starts Hunton Powerboats with the first model the 23 Gazelle, which a year later takes the crown as Cruiser Class A champion in the 1980 British Offshore Powerboat Championship. The success on the race course is followed in the eighties decade with various races win, till the sports decline in the nineties which forces Hunton for a switch of strategy but none the less a prideful one taking contracts for Royal Gibraltar Police, and the Abu Dhabi Defence Force. Today the new Hunton ownership keeps Jeff Hunton as Head of Design, Martin Paye as Head of Sales, and new recruitment Michael Moriarty as Managing director. The current Hunton line up has three models the 43 XRS flagship, 37 XRS, and the new model 1005 Rib scheduled for launch in this year fall. The company has also two further concepts at work the 38 XRS, and the Project Barracuda. Hunton's new website takes you around with the following buttons: Home, The Boats, Heritage, Press, Boat Shows, Brokerage, Agents and Distributors.

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