June 1, 2010


The season that the many boat owners wait for is finally here. The official Summer is just around the corner and the hot nice weather season brings up plans for a long cruise, new boat delivery to some, and upgrade tuning to others. Some will also be filled in works to making their pride and joy back to good condition. Summer is also a reminder to some boaters they actually own a boat and these usually remember of it on the first hot day and see how they abandoned what was nine months before clean perfect. Yes Winter can make one forget of the sea and the hobbies one does in the hot season.
For me Summer started to the usual end of April, when I launched my sport cruiser back to the water. The first weekend was great doing local Malta Islands cruise in fairly good weather, but after this it was two weekends of gale storm winds. Meaning you stay tied to your marina berth, or how the US call it, to your slip. Then last week I could not resist stay inside and finally it was for another trip in moderate choppy Force four seas, coming from stronger winds the day before. This cruise is usually a truth factor in my opinion as you can see what is wrong and right in this kind of weather. Navigating in nice calm seas is flat, meaning that it is also boring. Then over here we actually cannot afford that luxury to wait for nice weather. If I wait for that I would make a big part of the season actually tide up in a marina.
Wishing a perfect peaceful Season to all boaters. Enjoy!

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