June 16, 2010

Project: Sunsation 36 Dominator

Sunsation powerboats present the project for the 36 Dominator which is set for launch in the coming days. Second in size from the Sunsation fleet following the 43 feet F4 model, the 36 Dominator will be available in the four formats from this US powerboat builder: S, SS, SSR, and XRT. The hull design by Tres Martin will have a 24 degrees dead rise and feature two full Vee smooth steps from mid ship onwards, an unusual small step on the bow chines, and light eleven degrees transom drop box aft. The first hull will be powered by Mercury 502s 430hp with estimated top speeds of over 90 mph. Accommodation is the usual powerboat plan with a vee shaped double to the fore peak a U-shaped settee, small galley and head.

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