June 22, 2010

News: Menorquin June 2010

Travel light because almost everything you could need will be on board, forget about time, or rather allow yourself a decent amount of time to fully enjoy the sea, to sail from cove to cove without any rush, to be captivated by a magnificent sunrise, to relish the first swim of the day before enjoying a lazy breakfast, to feel the sea breeze and salt on your skin. Just some of the infinite sensations Menorquin proposes for your next holiday, sailing the Menorquin way: Slow Yachting. The main ingredients needed to make this sailing holiday plan a reality start with the boat. Chartering is an ideal formula, it is important to choose the right boat for the true Slow Yachting experience; it must be comfortable, safe, and have everything to make your voyage unforgettable. Menorquin, an emblematic company with international presence and headquarters in Menorca, whose boats are distinguished by their exclusive personality, classic style and their seafaring designs inspired by the traditional Menorquin Llaüt. The shipyard offers a wide range of boats for charter from its Menorquin Yachts range, with models of between 10 and 18 metres in length, each with different capacities for both the number of people able to sail on board and the number of berths. Spaces designed for sea living and equipped with everything necessary to make life on board complete. Menorquin Charter service, which has its base in the port of Mahón, Menorca, from where you will set off to navigate the segment of Balearic coast you choose. All you have to do is describe your requirements to the Menorquin staff: how many people want to sail, whether you will be sleeping on board, how much time you will have available, and the company will take care of everything. Menorquin has its own highly qualified professional skippers at their customer’s disposal. Menorquin will also organize transport for the customer, if he wishes, and those accompanying him on this sailing adventure from Menorca airport to the port of Mahón.

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