June 12, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Malta Day 2 of 3

Second day in Malta and the obligatory official practice has just concluded. By view alone I would say the speeds are very much in line with yesterdays Powerpole. The speeds are similar to last year although I still think the margins that Cigarette Smash Poker, and the Outerlimits Lucas Oil where reaching had an extra number. Conditions are calm although they are not the flat sea we had in last years race. Forecast is for a moderate Force 3 to 4 SE. Race time is 1700 CET time.
SNAV-Kiton showed good speed this morning, and Furnibo was very close behind it. Metamarine looked lightly slower of the first two. Lucas Oil looked faster to the Searex boat, and Silverline which did the test was also performing well before going back to the pits what looked like on one engine. We hope Silverline will manage to fix the bugs and race later on. I think now it is official that the 55 Ukrainian Spirit team will not complete the full engine change, so no Malta GPS for the new Evolution contender.
In Super Sport class I was impressed by the yellow Fountain Karelpiu, which looked among the faster boats in the trials, along with the Al and Al Outerlimits boats. Nor-Tech and Baia Atollini also looked performing well, as was the diesel powered Jolly Drive. The Seagull Chaudron looked slow again, and I wonder what happened to this so well performing boat who is the 2009 Champion.

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