August 14, 2009

New Model: Nordhavn 52

The new Nordhavn 52 is based on the 47 model, with P.A.E.’s designers actually extending it by five feet. The Nordhavn 52, is an evolution of its smaller sister, with more interior space and longer offshore capability to the 47. The new 52 differs itself from the 47 with three central design modifications, each of which combines to make a sleeker and slightly more efficient boat. The most significant of these changes is a cockpit extension, which opens up the rear of the boat as well as elongates the yacht’s lines. Other benefits is of added waterline length which is not limited simply to aesthetics. The design team was also able to work an extra approximate 800 litres of fuel into the capacity of the boat’s tanks and in turn, bump up the range. To coincide with the elongated cockpit, the upper level boat deck was lengthened by two feet, serving a dual purpose: not only does this offset the cockpit extension, it enables a bigger tender to be carried on top. Completing the enhanced look is the re-configuration of the flybridge. A purely cosmetic change with no features added or altered, but the newly-styled flybridge is now more integral with the boat deck and pilothouse roof. Despite these sublte differences and improvements, the new 52 follows the rest of the Nordhavn line, in a robust construction, superior level of fit and finish, and an ability to deliver her owners anywhere they wish to travel in safety, comfort and luxury.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.56 m (54.4ft)
Length Waterline - 14.7 m
Beam - 4.9 m
Draft - 1.8 m
Displacement - 40.8 t
Fuel Capacity - 6322 l
Water Capacity - 1514 l
Accommodation - 4 berths in 2 cabins, 2 heads, 1 crew cabin
Engine - Lugger L1066T.2 165hp
Construction - vinilester resin, gelcoat White Ferro Super Shield, core sides Klegcell R75 foam

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