August 5, 2009

Powerboat P1 - Sweden, Gothenburg Preview

The fourth and penultimate grand prix of the sea for the P1 season goes to Sweden in Gothenburg, what is so far a very competitive year for the series in both of the classes the Evolution and Supersport. The Swedish state is a new venture for P1 making its way to the Nordic sea, in the city Gothenburg, Sweden second largest city with a population of 500.000 persons.
The Evolution surprise continues and after two fantastic Italian home wins for 88 SNAV OSG, the lead is still in the hands of not so fast but reliable British team 47 Silverline. Following these two is the ultra performing 10 Cigarette Smash Poker. 77 Lucas Oil will want to put asleep the Italian Grand Prix bad luck where a broken propeller meant game over, but Hook says he has the faster boat and I am sure will make all possible to show this and win the much wanted P1 title. 33 Furnibo are in fifth place, but everyone is sure that a winning is very possible by the Fountain boat, after its great racing in Turkey. Last places to the not so reliable 66 Cranfields Wine, and to the 2008 runner up boat 53 Metamarine Pignolo 53. Still the SeaTek diesel powered Metamarine showed some of its 2008 speeds clinching a Power Pole in Italy, although shorter courses this year versus 2008 are a bit of a disadvantage for diesel power.
Supersport Class continues the tight competition, but the last Grand Prix in Italy won by 38 Baia Atolini showed that the title race is between 2008 winners 43 Seagull Chaudron, and the Italian race winner. Yes only nineteen points divide the two boats, so we are sure to see a super end of the season for a battle in these last four races between these two teams, where a win or loose can make all the difference. Third placed in the chart is Belgian team 17 Mas Force who with there moderate speeds and extreme reliability did two podiums so far, although they think if conditions would have got more rough they have the boat to the trouble the leaders. Double title winning boat, but lady driven in 2009 44 Iko Casa stands at fourth place. Unlucky but fast 26 Team SW1 Capital are at fifth. Last places for the two Italian boats of Team Al & Al, with sixth place for the slower but reliable diesel powered 28 Blue Shaft, and last seventh place for the fast but unreliable 22 Big Sergio. Still Supersport Class unlike the bigger Evolution Class has been very reliable this season, with a minimum of five boats out of seven always finishing the races.

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