August 29, 2009

Projects: Azimut 88, Azimut 100 Leonardo

And finally we come to the last two preview projects of the eight new models Azimut will present in 2009. A record from the famous Italian builder! Both of these new models enter super yacht status being all over eighty feet in length. As all the Azimut models, the Italian builder continues the design work with Stefano Righini exterior, and Carlo Galeazzi for interiors. The first presentation above is the 88, what seems a further development of the 85 presented in 2006. The 88 apart adding further length to the 85 seems also to add more big view windows in the cabins. With a set of three vertical windows developed for the guest cabins. There is also a change in the owners mid ship cabin with now having four vertical windows, which if I am correct these also open up as the ones presented and being used for the smaller 58 Flybridge. The 88 will be presented in the Genoa show in October.
The 100 Leonardo is the second super yacht to be presented by the Viareggio Turin builder. The project of the 100 Leonardo seems to be a further development of the 98 Leonardo highly improved in 2006 and as at that year delivered in 30 examples. Still with Azimut a new model is always a surprise, and this might be a totally new model with some innovative solutions. The 100 Leonardo will be launched in Cannes in September.


  1. where is the leonardo 100 release - I keep going to the site and see no new data.

  2. they had a video showing all pictures of the new releases which now has been stopped,
    but if you want to see it for real you might go to Cannes on the weekend, where the 100 Leonardo was presented officially

  3. Pictures are still up:

    I am looking for the full release data like they did for the 53

    Yeah, I know it is being released at Cannes - not able to break away from Tahiti, looking forward to the Internet release!

  4. hope to have some esclusive from Cannes for the 100 Leonard, but as yet noting
    knowing Azimut they might not realease anything before Genoa
    so far I managed to get for the new small Azimut 38 Flybridge which was launched today at Southampton

  5. I'm interested in a 06,07,08 Leonardo, does anyone know of any substantial differences between the years?

  6. Hello from 2006 onwards there is little difference, as the dinette settee on the fore deck was introduced from that year onwards. If you go backwards 2005 and older, you have no fore deck settee.