July 7, 2009

Propulsion: Twin Disc Arneson ASD8-10 Dual Fin

Arneson Surface Drives which are among the most efficient marine propulsion systems in the world present a new Dual Fin option for the ASD8-10 models. With the their surface piercing propeller design which reduces underwater drag by 50% compared to conventional submerged props drive systems. The only surfaces to contact the water are propeller blades and a protective skeg. This results in higher overall speed, quicker acceleration, and a better payload to power ratio with a 50% less drag significantly improving fuel economy while lowering operating costs. The new Arneson Dual-Fin surface drives available in the ASD8-10 models has an an aluminium drop box assembly, with a maximum torque capacity of 1200 lbs, weighs 458 lbs, a length over all of fifty four inches, steering angle of forty degrees, and a trim angle of fifteen degrees. This new set up also requires counter rotating engines for rotation change.

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