July 23, 2009

Project: Cayman 60 HT

Following the success of the new 75 HT flagship from Cayman Yachts which received a lot of attention during the 2008 Genoa Show, and will be delivered in two further examples this year, Cayman unveiled two further projects of the HT line presenting a 55 and a 65 earlier on this year. This new 60 HT project is a further development of the 55 HT, improving the underwater lines for bigger propulsion usage, and having further space on board. Confirming this size increase is further accommodation below and bigger engines compared to the 55 HT project. The concept seen for both the 55 and 65 HT is kept similar in the 60 HT, offering living on the main deck, and a lower deck reserved for accommodation. Size and space increase is the adding of an extra third en-suite head for the third guest cabin, versus the two en-suites in the 55. Power now has also been increased offering twin engines up to a total of 2400hp versus 1800hp for the 55 HT, with an anticipated maximum speed of 33 knots and all time cruising of 29 knots. Delivery of the first unit is scheduled for this summer with a second being also in building stages.

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