August 1, 2013

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I am pleased to say that PowerYachtBlog launched its new Classic article section.  The Classic section could not have come in a better time then this, when brokerage listings are boosting with boats for sale, and many desperate sellers call anything over ten years of age a timeless peace of museum artefact in there lucky possession which they want to sell you at a great price.
What is a classic?
For me it is about something which still looks good, and created a following trend by some connoisseurs.  A boat can sell in hundreds and still may not be a classic, while others can sell in a couple units and still be called so.  For example some wooden builds in Italy in the seventies most of which produced in less to double digit numbers by yards as Baglietto, Cantieri Navali di Lavagna, and Sanlorenzo to mention a few names are considered timeless classics in many eyes.  Same has to be said by other firms from the US as Rybovich or Merritt. 
For PowerYachtBlog we decided to start with a Bertram 54 Convertible which started production in 1981.  Picking a classic by Bertram is always a hard job as nearly all the models of this brand from the nineties and older are considered so, and the 31 its first model produced in thousands is still a collectors hot peace admired in every dock. But the 54 was a special boat for Bertram. In the eighties having a fifty footer was deemed very big, kind of like having an eighty feet plus today but the 54 designed by David Napier created some new trends which still continued as at today, so that is why decision was to go with this special Bertram. 
The Classics section will start with special boats from all the famous brands and expect something of a personal choice from us at PowerYacht which may not be to everyone's knowledge.
Hope you enjoy the new section, and feel free to contact for feedback!       

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