August 16, 2013

Project: Sanloreno 62 Steel

Sanlorenzo, the third shipyard in the world ranking of the top twenty builders over 24 meters announce a new flagship: the 62 Steel, a 203ft superyacht build in steel.  This new Sanlorenzo flagship is a design to Officina Italiana Design, of Maura Micheli following an agreement between the two firms for a full partnership.  An interesting challenge both for Sanlorenzo who are considered as smart looking conservative yachts, to Officina Italian Design who its designs for Riva have been modern and trend setters with branding from this firm which makes them become a classic.  For the 62 Steel, Mauro Micheli presented a three deck super yacht, and follows the usual Sanlorenzo style of being conservative while at the same having that something which never makes it look old.

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