January 1, 2015

Best of 2014

The Show Boats order books always displays the market vision of super yacht 24 meters plus in size industry.  Even though the top three positions have not changed, with the Italian dominance continuing unchallenged in the sub fifty meter sizes, with these now also pushing into the bigger sizes of fifty meters plus and over one hundred meters.  The World has currently 734 yachts under construction, one less then 2014, but sizes are increasing. Sales have increased in 79 to 89 feet, and the over 250 feet sizes, receiving ten more orders each then in 2014.  The second increase came in the 100 to 119 feet, with the largest decrease coming at 120 to 149 feet.  United Kingdom has gained a spot thanks to the increase in size of its production brands in motor and sailing yachts. This position gain comes at the expense of the US who falls in fifth.  But in my opinion USA can regain ground over its Atlantic Ocean divided neighbour, if demand of plus eighty feet sportfish yachts continues to increase. An area which is an American specialization.

PowerYacht best of 2014 is the Viking 75 Motor Yacht. Its been thirteen years since the dominating force of sportfish yachts build a motor yacht, and nineteen since it presented a new model in the segment.  The 75 Motor Yacht changes this, challenging European elite production builders in lines and looks, with a design that one would think came from Europe's or Italy's best designer.  But no the 75 Motor Yacht is fully designed inhouse at New Jersey, with Viking giving skin deep engineering as in its Sportfish yachts.  Welcome back to Motor Yachting Viking, who made 2014 a special year by two, launching its largest ever new 92 Enclosed Bridge Convertible flagship which was also short listed for this year best of list. 

The others.

Absolute 58 Navetta. The always growing and moving forward Absolute present its first explorer yacht with the first Navetta range model.  A more Mediterranean explorer yacht giving liveaboard comfort and medium-distance-range.  

Gamefisherman 42 Walk-Around Sportfisherman. Custom sportfish builds are mostly believed available only at fifty feet plus.  Gamefisherman from Florida is an exception to this, and the 42 Walk-Around is proving to be a custom-production success already sold in four units. 

Ocean Yachts 64 Makaira. Its been six years for this modern looking sportfish yacht to make it from paper to fibreglass.  The current second large Ocean Yachts is also a first to bring a custom specialized designer enter that of a production builder.  A rare bond.

Pershing 70. Fulvio de Simoni adds buttress wings to create an updated visual to Pershing's unique design identity.  An unedited superstructure and hull design integration, from the name which pioneered integrated windshield design in 1991. 

Riva 122 Mythos. The largest Riva in 172 years of history, and also the first to be build in aluminium. Called the Rolls Royce of the sea, for the beauty and elegance the wooden seven to nine meters runabouts represented.  The story moves on.    

Sarnico 60 GTV. A clients custom request for a single floor aft deck gives life to the third and newest GTV version of the 2005 presented Sarnico 60.  One element marks a big change.

Sea Ray L650 Fly. The largest volume production boat name presents a new flagship and line to stop the European wave which has gained aplenty market success in North America in recent years.  The design is in line to take the competition.

Sunseeker 155 Yacht. The Poole builders aim of going larger never stopped since in 1987 it launched its at the time 47 Malibu flagship.  This new biggest ever model though takes the stakes higher as it is Sunseeker first aluminium build yacht. 

Flat Floor. Steeler Panorama FF46. The Dutch are usually associated with super yachts above 100 feet, but in recent years they are emerging as a force in custom and semi-custom builds sub 24 meters.  To semi-custom Steeler adds innovation with the Panorama FF for Flat Floor designed by Vripack, which reinterprets a liveaboard with living and cabin all located on the single floor of the main deck.  It is a unique and different offer and for living aboard purposes works aplenty, adding comfort, that once aboard becomes unbelievable to think this is an explorer cruiser measuring just fourteen meters. 
PowerYacht wishes to all its followers, friends, readers, and visitors a Healthy and Prosperous 2015 year.

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