January 1, 2015

blogger - Order Book 2015

The Show Boats order books, always displays an interesting market vision, of the super yacht 24 meters plus industry.  Even though the top three positions have not changed much; Azimut-Benetti first, Sanlorenzo second, and Ferretti Group third. The Italian dominance continues, even though this is mostly centered in the sub fifty meter sizes. But Italians are also growing there intrusion in the bigger sizes, of over one hundred meters. Benetti for example signed a new sale for a one hundred meter plus build in September, this not being included in Showboats report for 2015, as the deadline for this is closed on 1 September.
The World has currently 734 yachts under construction, one less then 2014, but sizes are increasing. Sales have mostly increased in 79 to 89 feet, and the over 250 feet sizes, these receiving ten more orders each then in 2014.  The second increase came in the 100 to 119 feet, with the most decrease coming at 120 to 149 feet.  
United Kingdom thanks to the increase in size of its known by many builders; Sunseeker and Princess in motor yachts, and Oyster in sailing gain a position at fourth place, This position gain comes at the expense of the US who falls in fifth.  But in my opinion USA can regain ground over its Atlantic Ocean neighbor, if demand of plus eighty feet sportfish yachts continues to increase.  An area which is an American specialization.

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