February 28, 2023

Monterey Ends on Rocks in Haulover Inlet

An eleven meter Monterey sport cruiser ended colliding in the rocks while entering Haulover inlet during the night of 27 February.  Miami Dade Police, the Fire Department, and Tow Boats assisted the sport cruiser who seemed to have only one person onboard at the time of the collision.  With assistance from Tow Boat the sport cruiser was later escorted to a boat yard for repairs.  All the event after the collision was filmed by Haulover Inlet YouTube channel, video linked in comments.  Haulover Inlet has become in recent years a social media sensation with a handful of YouTube channels filming boats going in and out of the famous channel which leads to the Atlantic ocean.  This is not the first time a boat collided in the channel, although she might be one with the most damages and bigger in size of recent times.
The Monterey in this collision is a 360 Sport Coupe produced from 2014 to 2018.  A Euro looking hard top sport cruiser the 360 Sports Coupe offered interior with a two plus two accommodation layout, and was powered by twin petrol gas engines from 300 up to 380hp with stern drives propulsion.  Monterey replaced the 360 SC with the 378 SS which used the same hull.

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  1. Video from Haulouver Inlet YouTube Channel here https://youtu.be/lm8ERHHt9-w