February 1, 2023

New Generation Yachts

Yachts change, and evolve every year, and at a point if looking in a decade time frame the evolution starts to look the revolution. An evolution which today sees the revolution in endless window surfaces and different use of space especially in what regards to yachts in the size of fifteen to 24 meters. 

So what has changed.  Surely main decks have had a total evolution and now have become big open spaces uniting dining, galley, helm station, and lounging.  Up to ten years ago galley used to be totally or partly separated, and same for helm stations.  

While the window evolution started at the mid-end nineties, in the last couple years we had important turning points, with windows now becoming ceiling to floor, filling the main deck with every minimum light available.  This change has turned the living of the interiors located on the main deck from a cozy private interior to an open one, filled with light and views. It is interesting to see if owners are happy about this.  Sure in an anchorage these windows give you the best view.  But when in a marina where boats are a hand away from each other, does it work as intended. 

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