February 28, 2023

Sportfish Runs Aground in Stuart Florida

A fifteen meter sportfish cruiser ran aground in Stuart Florida on the morning of 28 February. The sportfish cruiser finished on top of a sand bar damaging the propeller, rudder and shaft and causing a breach in the hull, with the sportfish yacht taking in water.  Quick assistance came from TowBoat U.S. who covered the hull breach with a temporary fix, and then towed the sportfish cruiser to a yard for lift up and repair.
The sportfish yacht in this grounding is a Lydia 48 Sportfish Convertible from 1988.  Lydia is a custom sportfish and commercial boat builder from Oakland, Florida founded in 1968 and continued operating till 2002.  An unknown name today Lydia was famous in the nineties for building some of the largest super sportfish custom yachts in the cold moulding method including of which are the 92 and 95 feet builds.

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