February 11, 2023

Project: Ocea Commuter 33

Ocea present the project for the Commuter 33, which at 33 metres is the smallest of the Commuter family of yachts, which features two other larger 40 and 50 meter models.  Designing a transoceanic super yacht based on commuter boats designed for short trips on a river was no easy feat! The New York commuters in use at the beginning of the 20th century only crossed the East River, not the Pacific Ocean. However, one of the very first Ocea Commuters, Abely Wheeler, a 32.50-metre boat completed in 2004, has travelled around the world.  The Ocea Commuter 33 is designed in house and will offer a four double cabins arrangement below decks, while crew accommodation is for four persons. The Ocea Commuter is estimated to reach speeds up to eighteen knots, with a fast cruise of fourteen, and a long range of four thousand nautical miles possible at ten knots.

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