December 30, 2022

Project: Benetti B.Now 67M

Benetti semi-custom B.Now range designed by RWD for exterior and Pierluigi Ausonio for naval architecture keeps on progressing and following the success of the 50M model launched in the fall of 2021 and sold in fifteen units, presents more details with the larger 67M unit.  A quadruple deck sixty seven meter super yacht the Benetti B.Now 67M offers interior accommodation for twelve to fourteen guests in seven cabins.  Crew space is for seventeen in ten cabins.  The Benetti B.Now 67M liks the smaller sister is offered in Traditional aft or the more open Oasis deck versions.  The Benetti B.Now 67M is to be powered by Diesel engines with E.Mode hybrid solution available as optional.  No performance or power data is provided but Benetti does say that a range of five thousand nautical miles is possible at twelve knots.  The Benetti B.Now 67M has three units being build, with the first hull set to launch in 2025 and hulls two and three following in 2026.  The Benetti B.Now range is a four model semi custom range designed by RWD for exterior and Pierluigi Ausonio presented by the largest and most prolific yacht builder in 2018 with a 63m project, which became a 66m in 2021 and in 2022 became this 67M unit.  The B.Now range distinct itself for having two aft deck; Traditional and or Oasis versions.  Apart the top selling 50M and 67M units, Benetti also has a 60 and 72 meter projects, with hull one of the sixty meter in initial project stages and set for a 2027 completion date. 

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