December 7, 2022

Improve-it = Pardo 50

Pardo Yachts is pleased to reveal the first-ever P50 entirely customized with Missoni fabrics, a project resulting from the collaboration of two pioneering brands of the Made in Italy: the historic Milanese maison founded by Ottavio Missoni in 1953 and Cantiere del Pardo, shipyard with artisanal and industrial roots dating back to 1973. Despite coming from very different industries, the two brands share common values such as attention and commitment to luxury, aesthetics and unique creative design marked by a distinct overseas entrepreneurial spirit. The result? The elegant, clean lines of the Pardo 50, a model which was presented in 2018 are broken by the movement of the iconic, colourful Missoni pattern creating a perfectly balanced combination. Two Italian synonyms of excellence with different styles but perfectly compatible and synergistic.  Pardo 50 Missoni Customised was presented and unveiled at the Cannes boats show in early-mid September 2022.

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