December 11, 2022

Web: Amer New Web Site

Amer Yachts from Sanremo Liguria region in Italy presents its new World wide web showroom. Founded by Fernando Amerio, the life of Amer yachts starts in the early sixties. In this period Fernando starts a boat service company and in 1973 this develops to the Permare Nautical Center. In 1988 Amerio makes an important step taking over the sixties founded Mediterraneo ship yard facility, located on the outskirts of San Remo yachting harbour. Amerio renews Mediterraneo completely and to it's strong facilities adds a new one hundred tons travel lift. In the nineties Permare starts to build motor yachts under contract from Raffaelli from the Adricatic coast. Its the time of the Raffaelli AMC series of 18, 20, 22 and 26 meters of which Permare Amer will build a total of 52 units for these four models. The first Amer unit will be the 24 which was received with huge success and is to be followed a few years later by the 86 model, best seller of the company; designed by Profilodesign, and Andrea Bacigalupo for hull. Currently the Amer line up offers three super yacht models which start with the still in project 950, F100, and the 120 flagship, with a reported 70 Steel under construction for a European client and set for a 2026 delivery. Amer has since 2009 received 37 prizes and honours with its most important being the Nautical Pioneer handed to founder Fernando Amerio in 2012. Amer new website is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; About Us, New Build and Yacht Design, Refit and Repair, Used Boats, Press and Download, News and Events, and Contacts. Amer is also present in social media with button links at the bottom of the page taking you to its YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

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