May 1, 2022

New Launch Label

As we often hear people say the devil is in the details so in April I introduced a new label titled New Launch, this label replaces New Model tag for custom one off build yachts.  It is important to show a distinction between a one off custom made yacht and a production series.

A production yacht is usually made of fiberglass, but there is aluminum, steel, and wood constructions made in serial builds.  Steel and wood production build are mostly semi-custom, sometimes even to near a full custom.  Meaning that the outside and the platform used will be offered from the builder, but the rest is decided by the owner.   

Last but not least we have custom platforms, which can be changed in various details to suit owners tastes and preferred configurations.  This custom platform is mostly used in super yachts of aluminum and steel in between thirty to fifty meters in size. So in these situations the builder has the fifty meter hull, with options coming to bow design, stern type choice, and also to the decks one would want and how to spread them.  With this system more often then not a builder can also speculate build, laying the keel of the hull, and in this process of building start selling the project and choices coming with it.

Over fifty meters in size we usually enter in most cases full custom projects, when the owner starts from a blank paper and builds a yacht to his vision with his designer and builder of choice.  Although semi-custom platforms have been increasing also above this size from builders as Benetti, Codecasa, Heesen, but also Amels who for example with the 60 Limited Edition platform have sold five units, this followed by an 80 Limited Edition so far sold in one yacht.     

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