November 19, 2021

Project: Rizzardi InEight

Rizzardi present the InEight project, a 24 meter super sport yacht flagship, superseding in size the previous CR73 produced from 2003 to 2010.  Till today the CR73 was the largest boat produced by Rizzardi under his name, but not the largest as under Posillipo he did produce super yachts up to 36 meters with the Technema 120 launched in 2008 being the largest build to date.  The InEight presents itself as a purebred fast super sport yacht, with indisputable seaworthiness and set to impress with perfectly matched spaces and performance. Sporty lines are consistent with the unique characteristics of a family which had its start with the Incredible 45 in 2004 and does its next evolutionary step with the the InSix in 2019 and with this InEight sees its dimensional expansion and the addition of a sport-bridge, completely hidden from the side profile. With a  beam of six metres, comfort is absolute, connected by convenient lateral passageways, the platform, garage, and ample cockpit are found at the bow’s exterior. Inside, thanks to large windows and a retractable sliding door, the lounge offers luminosity and depth unique for its class, ensuring maximum safety in any condition. The layout features four cabins with en-suite bathrooms and a crew area that can accommodate up to four people. There are dual internal staircases, one for guests and one for the kitchen and the crew, who access their quarters directly from the galley itself.  The Rizzardi InEight is to be powered by standard twin MTU 2400hp and or optional 2600hp with surface drives.  Estimated top speeds are 45 knots with the standard engines, and fifty knots with the optional.

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