November 7, 2021

Web: Michael Rybovich New Web Site

Michael Rybovich and Sons presents its new World wide web showroom.  Michael Rybovich and Sons was founded in 2010.  As the surname says Michael is a direct descendant to the Rybovich legacy which was founded in 1919 by Astro-Hungarian immigrant John Senior.  He is infect a third generation Rybovich son of Emil part of the second generation of Rybovich who along with brothers John and Tommy brought so much innovation and created the current sportfishing genre in the mid twentieth century, along with some other innovations as the use of Epoxy and the cold moulding build technique.  Currently Michael who is third generation is being followed by his son Dusty a graduate in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering by the Webb Institute.  Michael Rybovich aims to continue the family legacy and along with New Construction is also offering Service and Repair.  Since starting operation Michael has delivered five custom new boats; from a 64 feet in 2014, to a 78 in 2019, with an 86 feet flagship hull no. 2 launched in 2015 which is so far the largest ever build Rybovich.  Currently Michael Rybovich and Sons is building two new super sportfish yachts a 94 hull no. 6 and an 82.  Michael Rybovich and Sons new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, New Construction, Service, The Registry, About, Contact, and Boats for Sale.  For those with historical interest an important part of the website is the Registry sections which shows all the hulls build data from 1947 till today and New Construction, Custom Builds section which shows all the builds and in some cases the photos from the Rybovich name from 2014 to today under Michael Rybovich and Sons, from 2010 to 2007 under Rybovich and Sons, from 2006 to 1985 under the Ryco Marine name, and John Rybovich and Sons from 1976 to 1947. Michael Rybovich and Sons is also present in social media with links at the bottom of the page taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin pages.  

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