November 1, 2021

Supply Chain Issues

The boating and yachting market has returned to where it was in 2008 before the global crisis of that fall, and what we get?  Supply chain issues currently affecting global trade, which unfortunately also affect boat building.  It will be interesting how the boating market will be affected by this.  New builds whether of small boat builders might suffer the most, but even some bigger ones are taking the hit for the reason that they cannot expand how much they like.

Global trade is so much connected together, that a stop to something generates a shock.  The Suez channel seven day blockage of March 2021 is a reminder how even such an accident, affecting only one ship can slow global trade.  According to economic experts the M/V Ever Given blockage of the Suez channel and disruption of global trade, has ripple affects effecting us till today.  That was only seven days!

Supply Chain issues are a let down, especially in this expanding boating market, where one can see boat builders and brands enter an era of growth, which in a normal scenario would translates to more offers of size and type.  With these supply chain issues the successful results shown in the boat shows of Cannes, Genova, and Monaco made even the big builders extend there order book by time.  Yes 2022 is sold out for most, and 2023 is half way there, with the popular new models having to enter in 2024. In a normal market a boat builder would try to build more boats, in the 2021/22 everyone is making a step at a time and with extreme caution.

So yes it is a great time to build and sell new boats, but it is in the end a half filled glass, which could have been full, way much fuller.

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