October 2, 2021

Stefano Righini 1951 - 2021

Stefano Righini left for the better World on Saturday second October.  Born in Rimini 1951 Righini will become one of the most important yacht designers of the past three decades, inventing and introducing together with Azimut-Benetti Group Research and Design important novelties in yachting which today have become a standard in yacht design.  From the large hull cabin windows first with profile and then without a profile, large glazing on the main deck, he will also change how the large open sport yacht above fifteen meter in size look and function with the Azimut S series introduced in 2003. Righini started his career in the seventies, with a bit of luck when his father who was a beach guardian, becomes a shipyard guardian due to the purchase of an area by Lavagna Admiral.  He will enter Admiral in 1971 and stay till 1979, then an ownership change happens and he moves to Viareggio.  Here he works with Tecnomarine, Falcon, and Overmarine Mangusta of which he will design all its yachts from 1986 till his retirement in 2017.  With Mangusta Righini will subsequently break the record for the largest open sport yacht ever build every other year till we arrive to the Mangusta 165 in 2008.  With Falcon, Righini will have the same rapport he had with Mangusta designing all there yachts from the late eighties when founded till the yacht builder closes its doors in 2015.  He will also work with Baglietto in the eighties doing three custom yachts for them, and also for Castagnola in the nineties doing two custom designs.  In the early nineties Righini will possibly mark his most important move when he starts to work with Azimut.  His first model is the 78 Ultra launched in 1993, and is followed by the AZ54 CinquantaQuattro in 94, with both yacht models changing how motor yachts in there respective sizes look and function.  From there onwards Stefano Righini will take full design duties at Azimut, designing after that date all the boats and yachts with the exception of the Magellano line introduced in 2009. In the end nineties the Azimut-Benetti Group also gives Righini design duties for the semi-custom less to 45 meters Benetti super yachts.  He starts first with the 35 Classic introduced in 1999, and eventually this line will become known as the Class line.  Righini will also design most of the Azimut-Benetti Group entry level Atlantis range models from 2003 to 2008.  Today Stefano Righini has to his credit over six thousand produced boats featuring his design, most of these being production Azimut yachts.

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