October 13, 2021

Project: Mimi Libeccio 8.5 Walkaround

Mimi present the project for a new Libeccio 8.5 Walkaround.  Completely redesigned by Valerio Rivellini the new generation 8.5 Walkaround project follows design themes as showed with the 9.5 Walkaround model presented in 2020.  In the Libeccio 8.5 Walkaround, Rivellini redesigns the centre console now added with a modern central T-Top, and inside space, which have been expanded to feature a separate shower head.  The Libeccio 8.5 Walkaround is to be powered by single Yanmar engine of 195hp or optional 250hp with speeds going up to thirty knots with the optional unit.

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