October 17, 2021

VZ Yachts New Web Site

Italian motor yacht builder VZ presents its new virtual web showroom. VZ is founded by Gianni Vizianello who in the mid fifties starts to get his naval work experience for many of the boat building and repair shops around Venice. In the early seventies Gianni Vizianello builds around seventy boats from eleven to fifteen meters in length for IAG Nautica in Venice.  After this experience Vizianello decides to open on his own and founds VZ in the mid seventies, in the start it is with wooden built boats, before moving its production to fibreglass technology in the eighties. When VZ changes to fibreglass construction it was never about a fully automated production method, but more a way to increase quality, building by hand and to order in a semi custom approach. In the nineties VZ is sold to a group of investors who expand the name till the recession of 2009 hits home and bankrupts the company in 2012.  VZ reopens in 2018 with a group of investors from Veneto. A turning point in VZ history was in 1993 when launching the sixty feet plus flagship 18 model, one of the first designs by Venice architects duo Nuvolari Lenard who with this model created a success, not made bigger only cause of the waiting list and limited production numbers of three to five boats a year VZ could produce at the time. Stopped in production in 2006 the semi-custom VZ 18 is today considered a classic in its size and style for Mediterranean flybridge Motor Yacht types.  Currently VZ offers a three model line up; 56, 64, and the 68 flagship model.  A custom line 72 model is reported under construction. Previous to its closure in 2012 VZ had in 2011 launched a new 65 evolution of the 18 and 64, and presented a 58 model project in replacement to the 56. VZ new website is only available in Italian and takes you around with the following buttons; Chi Siamo (about us), Il Cantiere (the boat yard), Servizi (services), Le Barche (our boats), Il Nosto Usato (our used boats), Custom Line, and Contatti (Contacts).
Production History;
38 Sport 1986-90 
38 Fly 1986-88
44 Fly 1987-89
34 Sport 1987-91
40 Fly 1989-91
45 Fly 1989-92
48 Fly 1987-89 *46 Fly project
50 Fly 1990-95
18 1993-05
16/56 2003/06-12
20/68 2004/06-12
64 2006-12

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