April 1, 2021

What a Virtual Launch

The all virtual launch for the new Azimut 53 is something to admire and compliment.  It was so good that in a World after Covid-19 I hope to see more of this in the future, and this includes the pre-launch three chapters; Instinct, Flair, and Creativity detailing the project.  

To be true to history this is not the first time Azimut did a launch like this, with the known Italian marquee doing something similar, in two other important new launches, that of the Magellano 74 in 2009, and in 2012 for the 55S.  Both of which where also excellent and represented a turn around for the company.  But this new 53 had something better to the other two ground breaking models, which was in my opinion the Official Digital Unveil, which tops in quality, visuals, and description of the product.  The presenter Justin Ratcliffe and the location for the launch help not little to make all this a surreal experience. 

Other competitive builders should take note, and while we have seen similar quality launches in the past from the likes of the Ferretti Group, and Princess, I think the perfection of execution that was made for the Azimut 53 is something to take notes of.

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