April 29, 2021

New Model: Bimax 28 Alchimia

Just when you thought you have seen it all, here comes Bimax a shipyard from Latina to the South of Rome in Italy, and its new revolution the 28 Alchimia.  So what's new with the Bimax 28 Alchimia is that this walkaround sport cruiser of just over eight meters in length is powered by a single shaft drive inboard engine with what the company calls its Eco Drive System.  The Eco Drive System has a pull propulsion shaft system looking forward and only seven degrees shaft angle.  The result is that with this you do not get the bow high of the traditional shaft drive especially in transition or early planning phases with Bimax claiming a bow rise of only one degrees.  While consumption is only at one litre per nautical mile or twenty litres per hour at fast cruise.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 8.48 m (28ft)
Beam - 2.93 m
Displacement - 3200 kg
Fuel Capacity - 200 l
Water Capacity - 80 l
Max Persons - eight
Accommodation - two berths
Engines - 1 x VM 270hp
Propulsion - Eco Drive System forward looking with seven degrees shaft angle
Project - Massimo Buonomo
Certification - CE B 

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