January 14, 2018

Web: Burger New Web Site

Burger presents its new World wide web virtual showroom. The current Burger company was founded in 1892 with roots of the company being founded in 1863 when Henry Branburger started building twenty to thirty feet Mackinaw fishing boats on Lake Michighan in Milwaukee following his boat building apprentice which started with Wolf and Davidshon shipyard six years earlier. The company flourished in its past, building a lot of wooden vessel during first World War for the US navy, and in 1938 building the first all welded steel 81 feet schooner. On records and up till today Burger built eighty four navy and military vessels. Burger entered the pleasure market in 1920, but a hit vessel was the still sailing 1940 build 65 Cruiser named Pilgrim, the first flush deck yacht. In 1952 Burger brought another innovation building the first aluminium boat what was a 36 feet cruise named Virgina. Following this in 1977 will see the launch of Akara II at 125 feet still as at today Americas larger ever alloy built yacht. Burger has build yachts designed by; Sparkman and Stephens, J.B. Hargrave, C.Raymond Hunt, Don O'Keefe, Donald L Blount, Cor D. Rover and Luiz de Basto. Currently Burger has two yachts in build; am alloy 49 Cruiser model and a 103 feet custom Luiz de Basto three deck super yacht. Burger new web site takes you around with the following buttons; About Burger, Custom Yachts, New Projects, The Burger Experience, Commercial, Contacts, Services, Newsroom, and Travel.  Burger is also featured on social media on Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook pages. 

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