December 1, 2020

Healthy Competition is Finally Here

MTU took the Yachting and Super Yachting World by storm when in 2006 it launched its series 2000 16V M96 2400hp light weight high performance diesel engine, which was later on in 2009 upgraded to 2600hp. This engine has since then dominated the planning motor yacht market from 24 up to 35 meters in length. 

A 35.7 litre engine the MTU 16V became a benchmark for those seeking a light weight and high performance diesel unit.  Since introduced the stakes in the top tier high performance powerful but light marine diesel engine has been dominated by MTU.  Someone thought that the single maker dominion of GM Detroit in the seventies and eighties era, was never to be repeated.  While the MTU dominion is segmented in the bigger sizes, it is still an impressive one, and also it was also a bit disappointing to see none of the other two big diesel engines makers; Caterpillar and Man enter into the fold.

Now after fifteen years of MTU dominion in this segment we are seeing a competitor, with Caterpillar entering this segment with the new Cat C32B, a 32 litre high performance diesel engine which in its first variant is offering 2025hp, with 2200hp and 2400hp variants being in advanced stages to start production.  This will bring some healthy competition to the two thousand plus horse power segment.  

While we are at it another diesel engine manufacturer Man is also reported of being in advanced development to prepare something in the segment.  Man was rumoured to being in an advanced of development to enter into a competition to the MTU 2600hp in 2010/12 but apparently the project which was rumoured to be a 2300/2400hp engine was slowed down, due to the economic crises of the period.   

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