August 23, 2020

Project: Codecasa 58 Hull C127

Trust, strength and commitment. These terms summarise and represent Codecasa Shipyards’ way of working. The Codecasa’s production, in fact, has not been discouraged by the long and difficult Covid-19 period and is proceeding at full speed towards the next deliveries, which also include the building “on Spec” of a Yacht of 58 meters of length overall, Hull C127. This Yacht, featured by exceptional technical performances, represents Mr Fulvio Codecasa’s courage and resourcefulness and his strong will of creating an innovative “on Spec” Project.  The Codecasa technical team, headed by Mr Gianluca Imeri, with Mr Pierluigi Ausonio’s co-operation, is very proud of the results achieved for this elegant and gritty unit. The new C127 will be able to reach the maximum speed of about 21 knots at light displacement.  Hull C127 will feature a fast displacement hull, of military inspiration, optimised with the best techniques currently available to reach and exceed the threshold of 20 knots, a remarkable speed for a Yacht of this size with a steel hull, and she will then be automatically included among the fastest Yachts in her category. Data at hand, the new super yacht, with the steel hull, equipped with 2 main engines Caterpillar 3386hp, will reach a 21 knots speed, with a range of over 6000 nautical miles at twelve knots. Featured by one Owner’s Suite, five guest cabins, in addition to the captain’s cabin and six double crew cabins, and a comfortable lift serving all decks, the Yacht also provides a beach area astern, with the folding shell door that becomes a swimming platform, and a Gym and a swimming pool of 3.5 x 3 meters on the Sun Deck.  Obviously, the maximum comfort will be ensured on board, thanks to the very high quality and technological standards that have always been the keynotes of the Codecasa Brand products. These, combined with the speed, will make this Yacht a new benchmark in the Italian and worldwide nautical industry. The delivery date of this new Yacht is scheduled for Spring 2023.

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