August 1, 2020

Unexpected Boom

With all that 2020 has been so far, one would have expected the boating market to be in the worse situation ever.  But with the opening of lock downs in around May, the opposite started to happen, and boating sales have been very strong since then.  In some countries it looks like we are back in 2004 with sales being very strong.  
Brokerage used boats have not been so strong since many years, and new boat sales and orders are strong with many high profile international names saying 2021 is sold out in most models.  Many marinas are also reporting that they have not been so busy in years, and the same goes for the fuel docks in the major Mediterranean areas.   
This is an unexpected turn of events, especially if you see that in the media many see 2020 as the year of a global economic depression.  So what has made boating whether the 2020 Covid year storm so far in the positive.
I think the reply is Social Distancing and how a boat gives the freedom and independence few other leisure activities can offer.  Let's be fair that when you are free from the mooring lines and start cruising, even if it is for a swim couple miles away, or for a cruise around some nice new localities hundred miles away the sense of freedom and own control a boat gives has no comparison to anything else.  
Boating and yachting has many attractions but possibly the strongest one is that of total liberty and control that no other activity can give.

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