June 20, 2020

Ten People Rescued from Sinking Sport Cruiser in Traverse Bay

Ten people where rescued from a nine meter Maxum sports cruiser which started sinking in North Michigan Grand Traverse Bay just before 14:30 hours of Friday nineteen June. The US Coast Guard turned to the scene with a helicopter and a rescue boat, with a Coast Guard man jumping to the water from the helicopter and helping the shocked boaters swim to a near good boater in a larger sport cruiser assisting and transporting the ten distressed crew before the Maxum cruiser sank in 76 meters of water.  The cause of the sinking is not reported, with the sank sport cruiser recovered by a hobby diver Dusty Kilfman in the first week of September.
The Maxum sport cruiser in this sinking is a 2800 SCR as produced from 1997 to 2000.  The 2800 SCR, replaced the bit larger and wider 2700 SCR, and was renamed as the 2900 SCR and then 2900 SE with minor cosmetic changes involving the radar arch, produced a total in all three versions for nine years.
The saving sport cruiser is a Cruisers 4270 Esprit as produced from 1997 to 2003.  The 4270 Esprit/Express came out as a flagship of Cruiser's Esprit sport cruiser line and as a replacement to the different 4285 Express Bridge, replaced in 2003 by the 440 Express.

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