June 21, 2020

Web: Maiora New Web Site

Maiora from Italy updates its World wide web showroom to a new platform.  Located in what is known as the global Yacht building capital, in Viareggio Italy, Maiora was founded in 1971, as the model name Intercantieri of Viareggio, gave to its motor cruisers and yachts from eleven to 25 meters.  In 1988, Fipa which was founded in 1980 by still today owner Franceso Guidetti, acquired Intercantieri and the Maiora name.  Guildetti entered the boating business in 1970 building fibreglass hulls and parts for third parties.  Today Gruppo Fipa apart Maiora consists of three other brands; AB Yachts, CBI Navi, and Intermare, this last being a metal carpentry division.  All the Fipa brands are located in Italy, Tuscany in or close to Viareggio. Maiora had a lot of success in the nineties and early two thousand with the clean and modern design done in cooperating with Roberto del Re proving to be very successful, especially with the 1991 launched 20 model which was produced for over two decades and delivered in over eighty units with very minor changes. Today the Maiora range consists of eight models from a new upcoming 20 S model to a 46 Royale flagship, styled by Gruppo Fipa design department with Quartostile giving design consultations.  Quartostile took collaborative design duties with Maiora in 2016, taking over from Roberto del Re who assisted from the founding in 1971 up till 2015. The Maiora new web site is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Company, Custom Concept, Yachts, Services, and Contacts.

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