June 1, 2020

blogger - Fire 2020, Here we Go Again

We are still in the midst of a half lock-down but boat fires are the news, especially in the USA.  Five separate fires have been reported in the Florida's in a space of a week, two of which involved multiple boats in different marinas, one was under way, and two super yachts.  You can see the reports in the Out-News section of PowerYachtBlog.
As is usual the social media comments for the fires immediately paint a picture of an owner who could not repay his boat purchase loan, and maintenance fee.  So the easiest solution is always to burn the boat down.  Those with some boating experience give the blame to the no maintenance and checking being made on boats in these lock-down times.   
It is true the economic hit with Covid-19 for some will be very hard, but playing the keyboard warrior and immediately speculating does only harm and little good.  I read a report a year ago which stated that 99% of super yacht fires in the last ten years was accidental and 95% of the owners who suffered a total loss incident and got paid back, bought a yacht again.  Interesting factual report which paint a complete different picture to that of what people think when they see a boat burning down.

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