June 17, 2020

Howard Arneson 1921 - 2020

Howard Arneson has passed away at the age of 99, on June 16 at 2200 hours. His today world famous Arneson surface drives were first developed in offshore racing in 1980. The system allows the propeller to run partially above the the water line which in turn creates less drag.  Unlike previous invented surface drives the Arneson Surface Drive could also steer and trim, with previous similar inventions being fixed units and with rudders. After first testing the drives on an 18 Arena Craft, Arneson purchased a 38 wooden Cougar Cat to prove their worth.  Arneson driven by Tony Garcia, won nine races and two World Championships.  The system was also used on fast sport cruisers and yachts, with the first builders to commercial use the system being Italian builder Baia and American Magnum.  In 1992 Twin Disc acquired the rights to distribute and manufacture the Arneson Surface Drvies.  Arneson held eighteen patents for his various inventions, his most commercially successful was the Arneson Pool Sweep.  Legendary golfer Arnold Palmer promoted the product in the 1970’s.  Arneson was born May 25 1921 in Benicia, California, he died June 16 2020 in San Rafael, California.  Howard Arneson died of natural causes.

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